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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Cotton Bed Sheets

Every house uses a range of bed sheets based on their requirements. While there will be some plain ones for daily usage, there will be some for special occasions and festivals. Normally, the premium quality and embroidered bed sheets are preferred when guests are visiting during festivals. On the other hand, cotton bed sheets are preferred for daily usage and normal days. This is because they are easy to use and comfortable to sleep on, making them a preferred choice for usage at home. Another reason, they are popular are the huge variety in size, colours and designs that one can choose from in cotton bed sheets.  

Cotton bed sheets have many advantages, due to which they are preferred in almost every season. Being easy to wash and clean, they require very low maintenance. Another reason they are preferred is that there are many cotton double bed sheets online shopping offers available, due to which one can get them at a very good price. One just needs to ensure that he/she must avoid the below mentioned mistakes while buying cotton bed sheets.  

1) Not comparing prices before purchase

Since cotton bed sheets are available in many variations, their prices differ as per their quality, design and the fabric combination. The prices also rely on the fact whether it is 100% cotton or has some polyester mixed in it. Similarly the source of the cotton also plays a role on its pricing. One should be aware of all these factors when buying a cotton bed sheet so that one can be sure of paying the right price for it.  

2) Select original bed sheets  

Once a particular brand or design of bed sheet becomes popular, many duplicates and copies of it start coming up in the market.  These are very similar looking to the original, so one tends to buy them without being aware that they are a fake. One should therefore check the material and label carefully if one can before buying the bed sheets.  Fake and duplicate bed sheets lose their form and colour quickly, due to which they don't last as long as original ones. To avoid buying duplicate bed sheets, one should buy bed sheets only from reputed outlets and online stores.  

3) Buy the right size

When it comes to selecting a bed sheet, buying the wrong size is a common mistake that most people do. It may either be too big or too small to fit their bed rendering it unusable.  One should carefully note the size of all the bed’s one has to avoid making this mistake and ensuring that the bed sheets fit the beds properly.  

4) Check the washing instructions properly.  

Different fabrics have different washing instructions, so it is very important to pay attention to the washing instructions written on the bed sheets. Since some bed sheets may be suitable only for hand wash while some may be made especially for machine wash only. In cases the label instructions are not clear or not followed properly one may end up damaging the bed sheet. In certain cases the colours may also fade away due to not washing them as specified in the labels.  

5) Not buying complete sets

The look and feel of a room comes, when everything in a room is matched with each other and complements each other. The same goes for double bed sheets which should always be paired with matching pillow cases. Therefore, one should ensure that when one checks for cotton double bed sheets online shopping offers, the offer should be for a complete set, including pillow covers and not just for single bed sheets.

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