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5 Things to Consider Whilst Buying Bed Sheets Online

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A bed sheet is a basic necessity in every home. Not only does it keep your expensive mattress protected from the dust and other abrasive particles but also it greatly amps up the beauty and the aesthetics of your home. The type of bed sheet you have will speak volumes of the overall décor of the room. Today, most homeowners buy bed sheets to suit their personal taste and the kind of mood they want to create in their room.  
No matter, if you are buying a bed sheet for your child’s bedroom or your own personal master bed room, the bed sheet should reflect your personality. A designer king size cotton bed sheets can jazz up even the most ordinary looking room immensely. If you are looking to buy bed sheets online it is not as easy as it may sound. There are a few important things you must consider, which are discussed below:

Size matters the most

Choosing the right size sheets is paramount. The best way to know the right size is to measure up the bed and order the sheet accordingly. While you take the measurement, make sure that you also consider the depth of the mattress and add a couple of inches to it so that you have sufficient fabric to easily tuck in. A lot of online bed sheet stores have their collection sorted according to the choice of fabric, colour and even the bed size. So, choose from the single, double, queen or the king size bed sheet, based on the size of your bed at home.  

Fabric is important

Once you are sure about the size of the bed sheet you need, it is time to decide the kind of fabric you want. The online stores typically have bed sheets in a variety of fabric include pure cotton, poly cotton, satin and many more. For Indian conditions, where the weather is mostly hot, buying cotton sheets is recommended as they are cool and provide great comfort for a peaceful sleep. A pure cotton bed sheet is the most expensive one but its quality, softness of the fabric and the anti-allergic properties is unmatched.  

Printed for Plain

Given the wide number of choice available, most bed sheet buyers often get confused whether they should be plain sheets or go for the printed ones. Remember, the rule of thumb, if you have printed decorative items in your room or if the furniture in the room has designs, you must go for plan bed sheets in solid colours and vice-versa. Make sure that you choose the right colour so that it perfectly complements the colour scheme of the room.  


When it comes to pattern, the choices are literally innumerable. Stripes, checks, solids, floral prints you can find it all. You must choose a pattern based on the room, if you are buying sheets for your children room, you can opt for a sheet with playful design and in bold colours, whereas for adults bedroom, keep it more subtle and simple floral printed sheets in basic colours like brown, beige, blue or white will set the right tone in the room.  

Thread count

Last, but certainly not the least, considering the thread count is crucial whilst buying bed sheets. The thread count essentially refers to the amount of thread woven into one square inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count, the better is the quality, so make sure that you choose a sheet that has a thread count of at least 140 or more. A king size cotton bed sheets with higher threat count will be more comfortable and softer to sleep on.

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