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5 Things to Know before Buying Bed sheets Online

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A bed sheet, which was considered to be a basic necessity, has now also become one of the important aesthetic elements in a room. A beautiful look bed sheet can beautify your otherwise ordinary looking room in a significant way and change the total vibe around. The bed sheet is probably the first thing that catches the attention of the people when they enter you room. A lot of lot of people nowadays buy bed sheets based to suit the décor of the room and their personal taste.

From plain bed sheets in solid colours to flawless white and sheet with ethnic prints, the range of sheets available online is endless. If you are looking to buy a king size cotton bed sheets online, there are a few important questions you need to ask yourselves. Are the sheets comfortable enough to enjoy a good sleep? Is it easy to wash? Does it suit your room theme? Knowing these vital tips will help you make the right choice.

Size matters

When buy bed sheets online, the size of the bed matters the most. It may seem to be the most obvious thing but not many people realize its importance; they simply order the bed sheet they find attractive only to realize later it is not fitting the bed well. Before you start browsing for the bed sheets online, it is paramount that you measure of the size of the bed. This would help you narrow down your choices easily. A lot of online store have categories like king size, queen size, single or double bed. Know the size of the bed and order the sheets accordingly.


This is another important factor to consider. There are literally thousands and thousands of bed sheets available online that are made of different materials. Right from cotton to satin, the choices are aplenty. For the Indian weather condition, which is generally hot all year around, it is advisable that you buy cotton bed sheets since there are comfortable and cool but also they help you have a good sleep. The sheets made of pure cotton are slightly more expensive than the ones that are made of cotton and poly cotton. The online problem with cotton bed sheets is that they tend to shrink over time so if you want to buy cotton bed sheets make sure that you order a larger size.

Printed or Plain

No matter if you are buying a printed bed sheets or a plain solid coloured one, the top concern should be comfort and easy to wash. In term of aesthetic appeal of your room, if you have decorative wall paint or if you have decorative designs on your furniture, it is advisable that opt for a plain bed sheet to add a nice contrast to the room interiors. Similarly, if you have plain furniture and plain walls, printed bed sheets can work wonders to add some jazz in your room.


Whilst buying bed sheets online, it is important that you know the reason why you require it. If you are looking for a bed sheet for everyday use, a simple cotton bed sheet would be ideal; it is easy to wash and maintain. If you want to spread the sheet for some special occasion, you can opt for buying one that has a grand design and has a satiny feel. If you are looking to buy a bed sheet for gifting purpose, you can consider buyer personalized bed sheet for your loved ones.

Thread count

Thread count refers to the amount of thread woven into one square inch; the higher the thread count, superior is the quality of the sheet. If you are looking for king size cotton bed sheets it is advisable that you choose sheets with a minimum thread count of 140.

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