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To sleep is not the only thing you do in bed you eat you play you love you cuddle you dream and you cherish all those memories all together. Make up a perfect bed with those cozy bed sheets which not you but everybody would love in the very first look. Bedsheets and bed linen are an essential part of home decor, that should be chosen with care and consideration.
FABRICA Furnishings is a one stop for all your bedding needs. We offer designer collection of bedsheets, bed covers & cushion covers, dohars, cushions, duvets and happiness.

Choose from a variety of Bed Linen, Bed sheets, Bed covers, Duvet Covers, Comforters and Cushions available at Fabrica Furnishings

A wide range and variety of bed linen, bedding, bed sheets, bed spreads, bed covers, bed skirts, diwan sets, etc. are available online on Fabrica Furnishings. We have exclusive designer bedsheets, fitted bedsheets, embroidery bedsheets, patchwork bed sheets, applique bedsheets, quilted bedsheets, printed bed sheets, velvet bed covers, silk bed covers all done in-house by local artisans at our workshop. These bed sheets and bed covers are available in different materials, styles, colors, and patterns covering all your sleep spaces and adding to the overall aesthetics and decor of your room. Choosing a right bedsheet for your bed becomes hassle free now by choosing to buy bedsheets online in India from Fabrica Furnishings.

Compare, Select, and Buy from an Extensive Collection of Bedding / Bed Linen
Bed linens are available in a large range and variety at Fabrica Furnishings. You can shop here with confidence from a range of double bedsheet, king size bedsheet, fitted bedsheet, single bed sheet, silk bedcover, bed skirt, diwan set, bedding set, bedding cover, duvets, dohars, duvet cover, comforters etc. Whether you prefer cute pinks, fresh greens, earthy browns, royal blues, sunflower yellow, breezy whites, or cozy blacks, among others, you can find here a bedsheet to suit your every mood.

Shop for Bedsheets Available in a Large Range of Materials
Selection of the right bedsheet is important for a good night's sleep as well as to add to the charm and aesthetics of your house. And the selection of the right bedsheet starts with the selection of right fabric and material. Climate, weather, location, and of course your own taste and preference play an important part in determining the choice. A large collection of bedsheets available at Fabrica Furnishings in materials like 100% cotton bedsheets, satin bed sheets, polycotton bedsheets, silk bed cover, polyester, velvet etc. can effectively cater to your preferences.

Choose Bedsheets Online According to Size
Size is another important factor that people shopping for bedsheets pay careful attention to. At Fabrica Furnishings, you can find bedsheets in double size, full size, king size, queen size, single size, super king size, fitted bedsheets as per mattress and twin size among others. You can find here bedsheets in vivid colours and funky designs for your kids as well. You will agree that there can be no pleasant sight than seeing your little one sleeping peacefully on these comfortable bedsheets.

Buy Fitted Bedsheet Online , Luxury Bedding Online

Bedsheets, bed covers, pillow covers, bed linens, etc. play an important part in enhancing the overall look and appeal of your house. At Fabrica Furnishings, you can shop online for a range of beddings, bed sheets, diwan sets, linens, and quilts. Apart from giving you peaceful night sleep, these bedsheets can also be a good way to impress your guests. You can also buy them as gift items to give to your loved ones.


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