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Fabrica Furnishings™ 100% cotton sheets are softer, more breathable, more sustainable and more comfortable, easy to wash & use.                                               

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We Know What You Like  :

  • Soft & Breathable      
  • Naturally Softer (Literally a lower surface friction
  • Incredibily Durable    
  • Water Resistant                
  • More Moisture wicking (keeps sheets fresher longer)
  • Skin friendly & Anti bacterial

A thing that finds its way into our shop is special. We sell these products because we admire its craftsmanship, respect its quality, appreciate its uniqueness, and the idea of it makes us happy.

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*We're all about helping others before helping ourselves.* ------Under our #HelpinghandsFabrica Program, For every order we are giving some part of order value for underprivelaged children's education.------ Additionaly, for every 10th order we receive, we plant an adorable baby tree somewhere in the India.------ With over 1,73,000+ clients (by 31st December 2019) we are helping and successfully ensuring in providing sound sleep to them.

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The Process from Cotton pulp to Fabrica's Bedding

Manufacturing clean, hygenic, soft and comfortable beddings requires several processes. First and foremost is extraction of cotton pulp from trees followed by weaving, & Fabric creation. It then undergoes cutting, stitching & embroidery process and the last part is finishing & packaging. These process happens under high monitoring of quality checks. Thus bring you most realible bedding products from Fabrica

We Take Care In Manufacturing

Our artisans and craftsmen & all other product processing staffs gives all their efforts to provide you the best beddings possible.
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